Workshop of globalization: leading or eliminated?

But we always live in two great fears: Fear of what we don’t know means always worrying about being imperfect and afraid of missing out on the future. This affects your thinking and what you do in your career.

You probably know the Hedgehog Strategy Model, which is a combination of 3 factors: What you like + what you are good at + the ability to make money, what society needs. Theoretically, you need to know yourself clearly through an analysis of those three factors. But in fact, it requires you to do more details.

At the seminar: Globalization leads or is left behind, Dr. Alok shared 5 trajectories on your career path.

First, the Origins of Discovery: No one understands himself by himself. Only understanding what you want, how you are able to determine the direction of work as well as understand to change weaknesses and promote strengths. Dr. Alok shares how you find yourself with the “Mi – VIPD” model, known as: Mindset, Values, Interests, Personality, Motives ( Drivers).

Ethic Number 3 is the CAPACITY: The most valuable asset in a human life is not that you have a lot of land, houses and vehicles, but the biggest asset is in your youth. give me Experience + Knowledge + Skills. To get those things requires you to invest a great deal in construction, improving your own capacity

Entering the 4th orbit requires steady tripod, this is the trajectory of TRUST. That is the moment you step into this trajectory, you have gained trust and confidence from your leaders and colleagues. Now is the time to not only focus on the results and effectiveness of your work, but also lead, guide, be the right hand to help your CEO grow your business together.

The final destination is extremely arduous and difficult, the trajectory IS BIG EFFECT: Imagine you climb a mountain, when you get to the top it feels great, it’s proud, right? Now when someone asks about your climbing journey, you tell them about your experiences, the difficulties you went through, and the lessons learned along the way. Everyone listens to you with trust, admiration, idol … that’s the trajectory of great influence.

Going through 5 trajectories in the process of building a career, you will find that the speed and height of advancement are extremely different. You can dash as fast as a rocket to get to the finish line, but you can also walk like a turtle step by step, which is a slow but steady strategy. Remember that you are running long distances, not relaying, sprinting.

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